Experience the Osaka-like
Finest Hospitality
in Umeda and Kitashinchi

"Kushiage Uemura" offers exquisite Kushiage (deep-fried skewers) in Kitashinchi, Osaka, where the finest "food" gathers, and welcomes customers with creative dishes made with seasonal ingredients. The original Kushiage created by "Ryouriya Uemura" of Kobe, which is regularly on the Michelin Guide, have expanded to Umeda, the home of food. We deliver the best cuisine and space with a combination of the high-class atmosphere of Kitashinchi and the friendliness of Osaka.

We have created our style of Osaka's soul food "Kushiage", focusing on seasonal vegetables and seafood that are particular about the freshness. Our cooking method incorporates the delicacy of Japanese cuisine elegantly combining tradition and originality and gives you a sense of nostalgia and luxury.

We, "Uemura", values "easy to understand, easy to eat, and delicious". We have a course menu so that you can enjoy Kushiage in the best condition by maximizing the charm of each ingredient.
The calm counter and high-quality private rooms allow you to spend your precious time to the fullest.

Creative Kushiage

Our Kushiage is elaborate and unique even in Osaka, the home of Kushiage, You can enjoy the crispy texture of the batter and carefully selected seafood and other ingredients as well as tasteful skewers that fuse tradition and originality from the selection of ingredients to the cooking method.

Each ingredient is carefully cooked and created with an exquisite balance. It is an original "one-of-a-kind" Kushiage that makes you feel the fun of "seeing" the food while paying attention not only to the taste but also to the form of the ingredients.
The oil and batter, as well as the ingredients, are used to create a unique aroma and texture. To ensure that you can enjoy it in the optimal condition, not only the temperature of the oil, but also the timing of the serving is meticulously elaborated.

Carefully Selected

Uemura has a strong desire for ingredients and selects materials that show not only the production area but also the "face of the producer". We cook with only carefully selected ingredients, and we do our best to ensure that you can eat with peace of mind.

We use seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood to maximize the flavor of the ingredients and make it into deep-fried skewers. From standard ingredients to high-quality ingredients that you rarely see, we order "living ingredients" mainly from Kansai area. We also incorporate surprising ingredients that are not usually used in Kushiage, so please enjoy the "ultimate one" that you have never tasted before.


A famous restaurant in Kitanozaka called "Ryouriya Uemura” serves the highest quality Kushiage.

“Kushiage Uemura” was opened in Kitashinchi, Osaka, following the spirit of hospitality and commitment to food from “Ryouriya Uemura” in Kitanozaka, Kobe, which received two Michelin stars. We always strive to provide dishes that our customers can enjoy and get satisfied.

Our chefs will treat you with passion so that you can have the best time as a customer who chooses “Uemura” as an important place to eat.

It is a restaurant where you would feel easy to visit with warmth and peace in Kitashinchi which has a lot of fancy restaurants that makes you feel hesitant to visit.
Please enjoy special time at Uemura, a Kushiage restaurant with the skill and heart of authentic Japanese cuisine, standing among restaurants with long histories.

The Best "Private Room"
for Enjoying Time

The spacious and tranquil space is perfect for an assembly or celebration with family and friends. The modern interior based on Japanese style interior is not too formal, yet creates a quiet moment.
For guests who visit Osaka or for important business dinners, there is a calm "private room".

If you want to enjoy the conversation and performance with our chefs, please come to the "counter seat". We will create a special time for you and your precious friends with Uemura's proud Kushiage and sake that goes with our skewers.

Various types of
"Wines" are Here

Uemura also considers alcohol as something indispensable for meals and prepares drinks carefully selected by a sommelier. In addition to alcohol drinks that match ingredients and original sauces, vintage wine and hidden famous sake are items unique to Uemura. When combined with hot Kushiage, it becomes a high-quality dish that cannot be tasted anywhere else.
We have a wide range of alcohol drinks from dry to fruity, so you can choose according to your taste. The moderate acidity of wine softens fatty taste and makes the mouth feel fresh, so the number of skewers increases without realizing it, but it is also appreciated by people who care about taking carbohydrates because of its low carbohydrate. The list of wine selected by professional eyes and tongue is a proud selection that will satisfy you even if you come to our place just for wine. If you are worried about selecting, we will propose recommended brands that bring out the umami of our Kushiage. Please feel free to let us know.



Sonezaki Shinchi 1-8-7, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0002, Japan,
Four Seasons Kitashinchi 1F

From Osaka station
8 minutes walk
From Umeda station
7 minute walk (including Higashi-Umeda and Nishi-Umeda)
From Kitashinchi station
3 minutes walk
Phone number
Business Hours

6:00 pm - 2:00 am (Last Order 1:30 am)

  • Only the Omakase Course starts from 6 pm at counter seats.
  • You can come anytime you want for a la carte
    (you can make a reservation through OMAKASE)

Sundays and irregularly

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